6 Hidden Facts To Become Wealthy, Successful Without Mistakes | Rich Vs Wealthy

We all need to know there is a massive difference between Richness and Wealthiness, of which the later surpasses the initial. Secrets of becoming wealthy and successful is hidden down the paragraphs. When people talk of Getting Rich, they definitely mean Getting Wealthy, because no one wants to go broke in the next 10 years. I will give you tips on how to become and stay wealthy later in this post.

Thing You Should Do If You Want to Be Wealthy

Learn Not To Chase Money but To Attract

Do not go about chasing money, learn to attract it. Having a look at those who chase money, they ended up securing jobs that pay a lot, but what is the cost?. They spend their life and career in a kind of cage, under the fear of their bosses. Ruining their health and relationships because their decisions must come from the bosses.

I admit someone must be a staff, but don’t let yourself get into the list of desperate staffs, but the needed. There are so many things you could do online that could attract money to you. Serving a boss who pays $5000 salary could be great and pleasing, but not when gets to work someday, point at you and say “You Are Fired”. Perhaps for a mistake that’s not worth it. You’ll be a victim chasing after money.

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Even if you work for a boss in a firm, you have to make yourself needed by the company. If you are needed by the firm, they will place you at a position that will expose you to risks and experiences thereby making you more needed in the company. You could be paid any amount to be retained if you are needed and not desperate.

Never You Depend on Stock Market

The stock market is a kind of strange market these days, where a fraudster will pose like a wealthy investor. If you’re greedy, you will surely fall victim to them someday. So, do not hope on some illusive CRYPTOCURRENCY or Forex Trading tricks to make you wealthy. The sign of low-IQ people who will never get wealthy is, they’re always in the lookout for a short-cut. They’re often looking for something that will get them wealthy without mastering essential skills.

Secrets of getting wealthy and successful without mistakes are listed in this article
Hidden Facts to Become Wealthy

Even if you luckily invested in Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), we all know it goes up and comes down and is therefore not a very good idea for safe longtime investment. Do not invest your whole life savings on businesses that are based on probability. You may invest in Real Estate (Lands, Housing), i have never seen them depreciate nor sold cheaper than theu were bought.

Do Not Continue Selling Your Time

You could be rich freelancing, but you can never get wealthy doing it. If you’re a freelancer who sells your time to some employers on a temporary contract, you’ll know what those employers do with your time. Since you know what they use your services for, why don’t you start up the business yourself?. No matter how much you’re paid as a freelancer, it’s a peanut to what they out of you. There’s only 24 hours in a whole day. So, even if they pay you $300 an hour, like some top attorneys do, a natural limit has already been placed by time on how much you can earn. Beyond a point you can not scale time, without getting into some health & mental issues.

If you’re paid in yours, you’ll work like a donkey for more hours to earn higher, neglecting your health’s requirements. These employers pay you per hour to get you working for them while they sleep, yet you’ll only get 15% of what they make out of your time.

So, while you Freelance, see it a temporary occupation and have a plan of getting some new Freelancers to work for you. Do not stay there out of fear of failure and spend your lifetime being a working Carmel.

You Need To Learn Thematic Business Skills

Your business CANNOT make you wealthy, if you haven’t got the necessary skills. Do you know that 81% of new businesses fail within 1 year of establishment?. Around 89% of new businesses are out of the market after just two years they started. Only some 11% of businesses are actually making a healthy profit. Now, what are these successful business owners doing differently? They simply have a kind of unfair advantage. They’ve got the essential skills that help them grow their businesses really fast.

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You will find a hard time, venturing into Affiliate Marketing if you know less about Email Marketing, Affiliate (E- Commerce) Websites etc. Once you develop interest in business, they next is to meet somebody with experience in that business. This person will help put you through and you will acquire some fresh experiences from his mistake and excel in your business.

Build Your Business on A Strong Foundation

A business built on a weak foundation will continuously waste your time till you awaken. If you’re making sales but don’t attract new customers, then your business doesn’t have a solid foundation. Just imagine what will be the fate of your business, when those old customers cease patronizing your business. You business will go down the abyss overnight. So, when we talk of strong foundation businesses, attraction of new customers is enlisted as a factor that helps make it stronger.

You do not have a business, if you don’t advertise your business to attract new customers, you only have a time consuming hobby. So, make no mistake about this, If you want to be wealthy in your business, build it on a very strong marketing/ sales foundation.

Learn High-Leverage Skills

High-leverage or high-salary skills could help you to earn money without investing and selling your time. If you know how to attract and persuade people into buying whatever you sell, you’ll surely get wealthy. Period. You’ll then have the Midas touch, as they often say, because any business you venture into, is build on a rock-solid foundation.

Test The Waters Before Rolling Out Big: Its a terrible mistake spending your life on a business you haven’t tested thoroughly. This is why you ought to master marketing, persuasion and sales to be a full blown business minded person. You might be thinking you’ve got a killer product/ service, simply because your sales message is persuasive, where as your product will be an object of mockery in the market. No one would want to buys your product, because something is off. It could be your product, may be your message, or even where you advertised. Now, imagine spending your while life earning in the wrong way, you’ll have to start life a new. That’s exactly what happened to me the first time i tried going big on a business. Even if you have all the money, build it it gradually because every business has to grow. So, learn from my mistakes.