Incredible!: Nigeria Ranked 3rd Most Dangerous Country to Live in

Ranked: The 20 Most Dangerous Places to Live

  1.  Brazil
  2. South Africa
  3. Nigeria
  4. Argentina
  5. India
  6. Peru
  7. Kenya
  8. Ukraine
  9. Turkey
  10. Colombia

1. Brazil (ranked 64th overall out of 64 countries).

An expat from New Zealand thinks that there is an “underlying feeling of people always living in fear.” A German expat complains that “the high level of inequality and brutality in society is disturbing and makes me feel uncomfortable. Political chaos has caused lots of confusion and discomfort in my workplace.”

2. South Africa (63rd overall).

A British expat states: “My life is easier here, but I feel as if I am living in a bubble: I miss the freedom to walk or ride anywhere at any time, and I hate having to worry about my security.” A Belgian expat complains about the “uncertain political situation, racism, corruption and high crime rate, as well as the weakness of the rand.”

3. Nigeria (62nd overall).

A Hungarian expat states: “We are not really free, cannot walk on the streets, cannot mingle with the Nigerians. There is always the possibility of danger.” A Rwandan expat complains about “the feeling of uncertainty. Almost anything can and might happen to me, anytime, anywhere.”