Terrifying Video: UNILAG Student Turns to Mermaid

  • A video of UNILAG student who has turned into a mermaid has been revealed online.
  • The video and stories are also listed below this page. Read to the bottom.

UNILAG students last night, were all in panic mode as they claimed a student turned to a mermaid in Fagunwa hall.

According to multiple sources, the girl identified as Olumide, was rumoured to have turned to a mermaid after a fight with her friend.

According to another source, the young girl named made a confession that she is possessed with marine spirit , the whole of UNILAG came out with cameras and declared her a mermaid and treated her like an outcast even inviting security.

An anonymous source said Olumide is a mermaid and they poured water on her head and her hair became green.

The able bodied alpha base stormed the said hostel after they were alerted of the incidence, hence a scene was created.