Revealed: 6 Jaw-Dropping Reasons Why You Are Not Healthy

Healthy life the dream of everyone, but only few get it. Your lifestyles are the reason behind your unhealthy living. I will mention those unhealthy lifestyles below, so you can steer clear of them.

Read this article to the end and you will understand you’re the cause of your unhealthy life. Bet me, you’re a victim to No 5.

Tips to Keep You Healthy and Terminate Your Unhealthiness

Reasons Why You Are Not Healthy

1. Having Good Sleep

Waking up in time is great, should your schedule approve of it. You might also consider joining the “Team 5:00 AM”, as it’s a healthy practice. However, if you work late in night, and goes to bed past 9:00 PM, do not forget “Sleep Comes First”.

Not getting up to 8-9 hours of really good sleep will give you hard time getting fit. Your body needs good sleep to work, so if you deny your body sleep, it will fight against your goal.

Tips To Help You Get Good Sleep

  • Pick a befitting bedtime and wake-up time and adhere to it daily. It could range from 9-5 to 12-8, it must be 8 hours, at least.
  • Either do a brain dump, read a book or meditate 30 minutes before going to bed everyday.
  • Turn off the lights in your room and the thermostat to some 64 F.
  • Turn off all the screen in your room, at least an hour before sleeping.

Observing all these properly, will accelerate your journey to fitness and keep you active all through the day.

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2. NEVER Skip the Gym

Some advise that you’d skipping the gym in the morning, and workout at around 3 – 4 PM. No reasonable businessman will dash into exercise in the middle of the day. So, don’t skip it in the morning.

Considering the fact that “Sometimes, later becomes never”, never skip gym in the morning. It will also give you a healthy and happy start for the day. Your health is of the essence and much more important than your job. I do wonder what you do from 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM that will make you skip your gym for “Later”.

3. Either Eat a High Fat/ Protein Breakfast or Simply Skip Breakfast

In the morning, our cortisol levels are go up to help you wake up. Your cortisol levels rises alongside your insulin levels.

Automatically, this makes it the worst time of the day for carbohydrates consumption. So, if you must eat in the morning, go for high protein and fat breakfast. Make sure you avoid early morning cabs by all means.

4. Feed Your Mind With Positivity and Motivation

Do you want to stay fit and in shape, seize your morning hours. Though, your lifestyle outside the qym matters more in keeping you in shape.

Watch uplifting videos and listen to health related podcasts, or good music. If you feed your mind with healthy and positive messages, you’ll stick more easily to your habits later in the day.

Be proud of your body and don’t feel discouraged looking at another person’s body. No one was born with those amazing bodies, the credit goes to tactical workouts in the gym. Don’t get your fitness journey screwed by sticking to negative mindset.

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5. Workout Less But Better

Do not sleep in the gym just to get yourself some quick and dirty muscles. Healthy workout practices doesn’t demand going to the gym everyday. Do heavy resistance trainings 3 times per week and sprint just once. Training hard for more than 4 days in a week and even everyday is a terrible workout habit.

Don’t do what will demand more from your body than it would give in return. Give yourself some spaces to recover and stay fit for the next time, that’s the trick.

6. Live A Positive Lifestyle

Live and active and positive lifestyle beyond the gym. Don’t go killing yourself in the gym and going out to mess everything up. If you spend 80% of your day sitting and working, you CAN NEVER be healthy.

It’s advised that you stand up and do something like going to pee, stretching your body every 30 minutes. It’s unhealthy to work, sitting down for the rest of your day. Even your room is a gym and you work out every morning, you ain’t getting healthy.

You will testify your healthy life, only if you observe these rules and instructions.

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