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There are three secrets that could keep you wondering why people fall sick, because you will never. These are the secrets of healthy life you won’t find on all websites. My tips will help you shred some body fats, pack on your muscle and live 10x more energetic and healthier.

To seize these secrets and take complete advantages of them, you must handle its basics. No matter what you do, if don’t eat really good food, exercise and take care of your body, you are screwed.

The below “Secrets” will help you, only if you properly handle the basics.

Health Tips To Stay Healthy Forever


If you suddenly start gaining some extra weight, there’s something you’re not doing as supposed. I didn’t mean those great weights that broadens your shoulders or makes your biceps seem “Bulgier”. Nah. Am talking of those that occupy your lower abdomen and make you look like Sharon Hill of Britain.

You might be eating cautiously healthy when you start catching a glimpse of these changes. You could still gain weight even if there is a personal chef in your kitchen preparing you all the healthy foods. Despite exercising frequently and having enough sleep, yet you gain weight. This calls for a change in approach.

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You have to start skipping breakfasts and indulge yourself in intake of bulletproof coffee every morning. Within 12 week, you will notice an undeniable weight loss that could bring you back in shape.

You do not need to eat any differently, or workout more. Just skip breakfasts and consume all your calories before it’s 9:00 PM. Give this a try and you will be awed by the significant change you’ll notice. It’s very simple and equally effective.

Note: It’s advisable to have a light protein breakfast every morning, but if you suddenly gain weight. Follow my instructions on this page to get back to shape and resume your breakfasts habit.


You’ve got a challane to tackle, if you’re battling with your weight and energy levels.

Endeavor getting at least, 9 hours of sound sleep every night, consecutively for 14 days. Improving the quantity and quality of your sleep will make massive difference on your productivity and health, generally.

When you get sufficient sleep, you will feel amazing and perform outstandingly in all you do. Generally, getting enough sleep will make you happy and see things more positively.

There is an obvious difference between having a enough sleep and having good sleep. Good sleep, i will prefer over enough sleep.

Things to Do, If You Want Good Sleep

  1. Get a really nice mattress and pillows.
  2. Turn your thermostat to 65.
  3. Desist from eating 3 hours before sleep.
  4. Make sure you turn off all screens some 90 minutes before sleep.

If you continuously repeat this for 14 days, you will notice a great change in your weight.

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You can watch comedy skits or read funny article to keep yourself happy and laughing. Laughter will keep you happy and healthy and smart.

Cease taking things darn seriously and start making fun because life is too short. Try being happy, laughing, having fun and enjoying your life. This will reveal a part of your life you’ve never accessed.

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