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I would say, we get older everyday, which is fine.

We all fear aging, think about it all the times, but all must age, old and young alike. I will shift my focus on the changes you start seeing on your body once you’re 40. This article will cover the good and bad changes you experience at 40.

Health Signs You Start Seeing At 40

Health Sings You See at 40

Your Metabolism Significantly Decreases

Try eating the same food you liked eat in your 20s and you see yourself gaining weight. This because at 40, your metabolism has really dropped by some percentage. Loss of muscles are obvious at this age. Do you know that an average woman would gain some 15 Ibs between her 40 years and 55.

At this age, you ought to be extra cautious of your food intake. Junk foods should be your enemy while vegetables and light foods become the oder of the day.

Your Hair Loss Increases

This is often obvious when it comes around, because it’s has nearly zero remedy at this point. It’s more pronounced in men though some people lose their hairs before turning 30. A percentage of men climbing up to 53% go bald after they turn 40.

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Women experience similar case with the pace of hair loss way slower than that of men. So, when you see your hair decreasing after 40, do not be worried, it’s natural.

Lactose Intolerance Occurs

Though more people tend to experience this after 40, some couldn’t digest dairy products right from childhood. The level of lactose enzyme in your body which helps digest lactose will significantly drop at 40. Lactose intolerance will be the next thing knocking on your door, and this makes milk digestion hard. Lactose intolerance do cause intestine issues sometimes.

You Shrink As You Age

As early as 30, you begin to shrink but it’s more visible after 40 years. The University of Arkansas conducted a research which showed that gradually, men lose one inch between the age of 30 and 70. However, women could lose up to 2 inches within these space of time.

Your Vision and Hearing May Get Worse

As you age 40, you could start experiencing farsightedness or some other eye problems like often occurrence of dry eyes. Even your hearing could worsen too. This is causes by certain changes that occur in the tympanic membrane and inner ear. When you begins to experience this, have it in mind, it’s the result of your age.

Your Sense of Taste Changes

We were all born with some 9,000 taste receptors already. As you get older, those receptors begin to diminish and you’ll begin to lose certain taste sensation. The taste of salt diminishes earlier, seconded by that of sweet, then comes bitter and finally sour. Eventually, this occurs earlier in women than in men.

Your Immune System Gets Stronger

Being that your body has gone through several viral attacks, it becomes stronger by the 40. If your immune system becomes stronger, your will begin to gall sick less often. So, you become a stronger person as you age.

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You Become More Attractive and Self-Confident

As per research by psychologists, woman gain more self-confidence after they turn 40, than in their 20s. They tend to show more love and respect to themselves and get worried over little things less often. At 40, women much able to be happy and independent (financially). Generally, people evaluate themselves and the people around their surroundings more at 40.

You Get Mentally Stronger

Considering how many life lessons you’ve gone through, you could easily cope with any difficulty better than those in their 20s. With your experience, you can deal with many challenging situations that come your way. Financially, you’ll feel more secure and cautious than a 20-year-old.

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