5 Most Common Mistakes Young Entrepreneurs Make | Youthful People

I have seen so many young brilliant and entrepreneurial minded people make tons of mistakes over the years. Theses youthful mistakes could come from a specific lifestyle or certain environmental factors. Greater percentage of these youthful mistakes are moderately fixable while others linger for years.

This article contains a list of what i call “The Most Terrible Mistakes of the Youths“. Read to the last paragraph to see how to overcome all of them.

Tremendous Regrets could come to you by going down this road of critically unsustainable attitude. Reading every bit of these mistakes below could help salvage your staked life.

Common Mistakes of Young People and How to Fix Them

Most Common Mistakes of Young People

1. Screen and Social Media Addiction

It’s obvious that some 65% of smart youths are addicted to one screen or the other. These are really smart youths but having a hard time utilizing their creativity. They are either addicted to their phone (Social Media), Television (Disney, Marvel Studio) or worst still, Video Games. Addiction to either of the above listed screen displays is a terrible mistake for a good life aspiring youth.

Screen addiction is on the verge of joining the list of youth psychological problems. This is a time waster and would gradually divert your focus from good to worst. Avoid addiction to screens at all cost and schedule a specific time for them.

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You can Watch the CNN, BBC at a particular hour. Visit the social media for a given time and leave once your time is over. As for video games, i recommend scrapping it for your own good, its the most easily addicted screen addiction. Video Games are time consuming because you always want to get to the next stage or even the final.

2. Falling Victim To Lust

Getting victimized to lust has been made easy by vast availability of explicit contents and sexual images. And because of this, getting addicted to sex or even worst, pornography isn’t a big deal anymore.

This era of freedom would not quench the existence of porn sites because of your interest. You can rather cease your visitation to them, if you’re addicted. Addiction and victimization to lust will stress your career and relationship with others. Losing focus is the next in queue as you will turn a dog on a leash. You will end up in servitude to others and live a very low standard life.

3. Ineffective Use of TIME

Time is the most previous thing you could never get back after it’s gone. So easy to get and really difficult to comprehend. At every given moment of your life, something must be of the most precious use of your time. These could rang from sleeping to meditation, working out, eating and working really hard in your workplace. If you fail to make the best use of your time at that particular moment, you’ve hopelessly wasted that moment.

Since you can’t have your cake and eat it, you’d strive to take full advantage of your time. Never use your sleeping hours for extra work, it’s not hardworking but “Wrongful Use of Time”. Schedule and observe time for every different thing in your life. You’re not Elon Musk of Mars.

4. Failure to Create Formidable Boundaries

Failure to create solid boundaries is what i do regret at a point in my life. Knowing fully well this is what i could do best, i still allow myself get timidly subjected to my relatives decision. Sometimes, you’ll face a really hard condition if your parents are so intrusive and often decide for you. Once you’re up to age, let them know you now have a word of your own, BUT oblige to their, if they have a valid point.

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Say ” NO”, if you have to, and say “Let Me Think About It”, if you will buy the idea. Have a standard for your life and never be the “Anything will go” type, just to be liked. In my country Nigeria, we have a saying that goes “Had i know comes at last“. This’ll be your reaction when realized you shouldn’t have said yes to all your parents said in your 20s. Buckle up and be the youth you are. Youths are known for aggressiveness and not subjectiveness. Make the best out of yours to avoid regret in your late 30s.

5. Not Living Your Life

It’s finally obvious to me that people don’t live their life because they want to please others. This could be your parents, friends or even neighbors who don’t give a damn about you. People don’t get to understand this, live your life with negligence to what people may say/think. Do not program your life to be a puppet version of yourself, just to be easily digested by others.

Jesus Christ has fans and Satan does as well. This applies that despite what you are, some people would like you for that. Without sentiment, Kim Kardashian has a very vast fan base just like some popular Men of God. So, live your life and make the best out of it, someone’s loving you for that lifestyle. Do not set up an imitative social media profile, people will hate you when they know your true color.