Watch Video: How & Why Davido Didn’t Rock Megan Thee Stallion

Davido’s reluctance to rock the backside of Megan Pete, an American rapper better known as Megan The Stallion, has sparked a wave of reactions on Twitter.

Watch Video: How & Why Davido Didn't Rock Megan Thee Stallion
Watch Video: How & Why Davido Didn’t Rock Megan Thee Stallion

The rapper was performing at the 2019 Flytime Music Festival on Sunday, when she brought Davido up on stage.

During a live rendition of ‘Risky’, a track off his recently released album ‘A Good Time’, Megan dances towards Davido in a sultry way but he keeps his distance and turns away to the adoring fans.

The ‘Assurance’ crooner’s “act of restraint” won the hearts of many fans on social media platforms especially Twitter, where users described the singer’s reservedness as admirable proof that some men can still exercise high level of self-control irrespective of how seductive their female counterparts might seem.

A segment of users, however, claimed he might have acted differently if he wasn’t in public view.

“The level of self-control Davido displayed towards Megan is proof that as a married man, no matter how hot the girl is you can still back out or avoid it. It is possible. At that point just think about your sexy wife and children. DAVIDO has shown us the way! Chioma is blessed,” a Twitter user said.

“Davido respects Chioma and their relationship a lot and tries not to touch any girl or grind on them. none of that African man / i am an artiste nonsense. I STAN A SENSIBLE MAN,” another user said.